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Australian Association of Occupational Therapists


The Challenge

We were appointed by then AAOT - The Australian Association of Occupational Therapy - to advise on developing a cohesive and unified nationwide vision and identity with the objective of raising the organisation’s profile and increasing membership.

The Approach

  • Brand and visual audit, internal and external stakeholder interviews
  • Recommendations that the association change its name to OT AUSTRALIA
  • The introduction of a strapline to identify and promote the profession of Occupational Therapy:

Occupational Therapy
Skills for Living

  • We also recommended developing a distinctive and revolutionary new visual identity, which could be used for both the association and OT professionals.

The Outcome/Benefits

  • A more dynamic brand identity, which has been a powerful catalyst for developing the profession. It has also enabled OT Australia to unify nationally under a shared vision, and significantly increase its membership.

“I am sure you have understood from all your interactions with us that the National Council and Executive has greatly appreciated your work for us. You have been such a good listener and communicator. Our membership has grown, our profile has increased significantly with members and stakeholders. Thank you for working with us to transform our ID.”

Linda E Oke, Executive Director